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Linedance Classes in Nashville, TN

We currently offer a range of classes through Nashville, ranging from absolute beginner who are just learning the moves and style of linedance, through to those old hands who know how to coaster-step and shuffle like pros.
Linedance Class, Nashville

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Dance with Us

Embracing Country

Standard Western boasts a mixture of old country values and new country style. Our goal is a community of dancers – bringing people together, having joy and fun throughout linedance in Nashville.

Our classes are high-quality dancing with great impacts on health and cardio fitness.  Supported by qualified instructors to ensure safety and satisfaction.

  • Teaching at the dancer’s pace
  • Staying current with today’s dances
  • Traditional country dance
  • Professional and educated instructors
Discover our Origins

Standard Western

George Blick - Professional Dancer

George Blick has been a linedancer since the age of 10, when first lock-stepping into his Nan’s village hall dance class.

How to bring more

Dance into your Life

Our classes are built for all – visit the class you feel most comfortable with and find the guidance or recommendation you need to get the most out of your lesson.